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Van Hire Excess Insurance

Hiring a van may be the perfect solution should you require a sizeable amount of space to transport objects. Such situations may include removals, making home improvements or for commercial use such as starting up a business.

Whatever the reason be sure to protect yourself from hefty excess fees by taking out van hire excess insurance.

What is van hire excess insurance?

Within Europe it is common practice for vehicle hire companies to include car insurance (also known as collision damage waiver CDW & loss damage waiver LDW) as part of their rental policy. This is not so common outside of Europe and therefore this may have to be purchased separately. Nowhere is this compulsory so before hiring a vehicle it is very important you understand what cover is included within your rental agreement. Whether included as part of your rental policy or bought separately, Van insurance will cover you against damages such as accidents and thefts. However, if you incur any damages and want to make a claim, almost always you are liable to pay an excess fee before the insurance company will settle the costs of the damages.

This fee is known as an excess fee. This fee can range well into the thousands of pounds, depending on the insurer and extent of the damage. Luckily an insurance policy known as vehicle hire excess insurance (also referred to as a vehicle excess wavier) will protect you from these hefty fees in return for a very reasonable day rate, very often under £5 per day.

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Why buying van hire excess insurance online can often be a better solution?

Many vehicle hire companies may offer excess insurance which can be purchased directly through them. However, these policies can often be much more expensive than third party online alternatives and many do not even cover the entire excess cost, in which case you would still be liable to pay a portion of the excess fee in the event that you had to make a claim for damages.