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What Is SLI?

SLI or supplementary liability insurance explained. What is it? Do you need it? What’s the difference between SLI, ALI and third party liability insurance? Do I need it if I’m traveling to the USA? Does my travel insurance cover me for third party damage or injuries?

We’ve used our inside knowledge to give you all the answers, cutting through the jargon leaving you free to enjoy your holiday.

Old Silk Route, Sikkim, North East India

What is SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance)?

SLI Insurance (there is no need for the word insurance afterwards but it is often included) or Supplementary Liability Insurance is a form of car hire insurance that covers you for third party damage or injury. So if you were involved in an accident SLI covers you for any claims made by third parties for ‘bodily harm’, as the insurers call it, or damage to any other vehicles or passengers involved in the accident.

What is ALI (Additional Liability Insurance)?

What about third part liability insurance, is that the same?

Is SLI/ALI/Third Party Liability Insurance included in my car rental?

IS SLI compulsory in the when hiring a car?

What is included in's excess insurance?

Our car hire excess insurance policies include everything you see below, essentially paying the excess in the event of a claim for any insurances covered through your hire car. In terms of SLI, ALI or third party liability insurance we will reimburse you for the excess on any claims made for these products, should it be included in your rental agreement, up to £6000.

 Excess for damage, fire, vandalism and theft up to £6,000 per incident
 Any damage to windows, undercarriage, roof, tyres
 Lost, stolen or damaged car rental key cover up to £500 per claim
 Towing costs from breakdown or accidental damage
 Misfueling cover

Out of standard hours charges due to a delayed flight
Unlimited number of rentals per year of up to 30 days at a time
 You and anyone named on the car hire rental agreement are covered
✔ Available to everyone aged 21-85 with a valid UK driving licence
✔ Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) for policies in the USA & Canada