Top 20 Amazing Travel Bloggers You Should Be Keeping an Eye On

The world around us is full of adventure and knowing what is out there is a sure-fire way to enjoy all of what life has to offer. Thanks to the Internet, discovering some of the best places to visit has never been easier. Let’s take a look at the top 20 travel bloggers and what you can expect when visiting their web pages. Your perfect holiday could be only a click away!
Travel Blogguers

1. Candice Walsh

Ms. Walsh writes her blogs in a different way than many. Her posts on Candice Does the World are both honest and amusing. As she is learning her way as she goes, you can expect more of a laid-back writing style that is infused with clever wit. These posts are more about telling a story than merely listing where she has been.

2. Flora the Explorer

Flora is concerned with long-term travels around such parts of the world as Africa and Asia. She believes that an interaction with other people should define the bulk of her blogs. This page is also unique in the fact that she tends to focus upon long-term experiences as opposed to whirlwind tours of a certain region. Expect candid humour and a down-to-earth tone. You can read more here.

3. Melo Villareal

Entitled simply the “Out of Town Blog”, Melo combines a unique synergy of photography, cuisine and (naturally) travel to different parts of the world. Mr. Villareal has a passion for both photography and writing, so you can expect some truly breathtaking descriptions of where he has been. It is easy to find out more by following his latest posts.


4. My Travel Affairs

If you hope to take a walk on the wild side, My Travel Affairs may be the perfect option. Marysia is happy to label herself as a “crazy Polish girl” and her adventures certainly back up such a claim. Whether she is hiking through remote mountains in northern Africa, catching a ride on the London Eye or experiencing the luxury of Dubai, her amazing stories certainly leave little to the imagination.

5. The Poor Traveller

This blog is actually written by two different travellers. Yoshke left his job in search of greener pastures abroad while Vins is still embedded within the corporate world although he takes trips during holidays. As the name of the blog hints, The Poor Traveller tends to be dedicated to those who are on more of a tight budget. Expect useful money advice, a host of descriptive articles and candid descriptions along the way.

6. Runaway Juno

The name of this blog may be a bit misleading, for Juno has not really run away from anything. Instead, she embraces the freedom and flexibility that can only be found through backpacking. As she is a talented photographer, expect a feast for the eyes as well as the imagination. Juno is also quite conscious about the plight of the poor as well as environmental issues. If a decidedly “green” blog sounds attractive, be sure to follow all that Juno has to say.


7. Travel with Bender

Why not bring your entire family along when travelling the world? This is the very same concept behind Travel with Bender. This family of four has been trotting across the globe since 2012 and they show no signs of slowing down. With two young children along for the ride, you can expect funny tales as well as descriptions of family-friendly locations. The Benders have proven that you do not have to “go it alone” to have a great deal of fun and build lasting memories.

8. William Patino

Mr. Patino is a young man with a talent for photography. He has used this unique prowess to imbue his blogs with a sense of visual beauty that would have been otherwise impossible to describe with words. As he currently boasts over 143,000 followers on Instagram, he must be doing something right! His blogs are highly descriptive and downright addictive. Perhaps the most interesting quality of his posts is that you will feel as if you are walking right beside him as he moves from place to place. You can find out more by visiting his personal site.

9. Will Hatton

His site “The Broke Backpacker” caters to those who cannot afford the glitz and glamour of high-class holidays. Instead, Will focuses upon the means by which travellers can see the world when they only have a very small amount of money to their name. He is doing something right, for Mr. Hatton has worked in Vietnam, lived in India and negotiated one of the most difficult passes in the Himalayas. He also has an inspirational page dedicated to helping others live their travelling dreams. If you you have been looking for a motivational and clever blog, The Broke Backpacker will not disappoint.


10. The Fearful Adventurer

There is no doubt that solo travels can conjure up a certain amount of fear in some people. Torre DeRoche once felt the same until she began to learn how to step outside of her comfort zone. Hence, it makes sense why The Fearful Adventurer has established such a loyal following. She believes that bravery is a willingness to confront fear as opposed to simply avoiding it. You may even find the motivation to begin your own personal journey!

11. Kenneth Surat

Mr. Surat is an interesting combination of a blogger and a high-end artisan. So, both talents can easily be seen when reading through his blog. Filipino by nationality, Kenneth has already travelled to areas such as the Middle East, Europe and South America. He particularly enjoys meeting artisans within different cultures and learning new skills. If you are impressed by quality craftsmanship alongside a talent for descriptive writing, his blog should be a welcome addition to your weekly reading.

12. The Travel Chica

Stephanie believes that independent travel, less reliance upon material goods and simpler living are the keys to happiness. Although she is only 29 years old, Stephanie has already experienced regions such as South America, The United States and the Caribbean. Her website is also unique in the fact that it provides timely travel advice for those who may be thinking about visiting other parts of the world. From reviewing the latest luggage to explaining how to save a great deal of money while abroad, there is indeed something here for everyone.


13. Dream Euro Trip

If you have always wanted to visit Europe while on a budget, this blog is definitely worth a closer look. Dream Euro Trip is run by DJ; a self-professed backpacker and travel junkie. As he has been to every major European city (and some on more than one occasion), DJ can be considered an expert in regards to the advice that he provides. He also offers great tips for those who are looking for high-end locations to enhance their overall travel experiences.

14. Eric Prince

Mr. Prince is unique in the fact that (as of the time that this article was written) he has travelled to no less than 87 different countries. His blog Minority Nomad focuses upon both the positive and negative aspects of travelling. Eric is also known to visit locations that might otherwise be overlooked. An example here can be seen when he was wine tasting in Moldova. As you may have guessed, some of his pieces are geared towards the experiences that he has created as a minority. He also hopes to be the first African-America to have travelled to every country in the world.

15. Janna on a Jaunt

Janna was born in the Philippines but raised in the United States. She and her husband travel around the country; primarily visiting national parks in different states. If you have been pondering a trip to America to see its natural beauty, Janna on a Jaunt could be a great place to start.


16. Nomadic Boys

Stefan and Sebastien are a couple who combine humour, a love for food and some amazing travel experiences into a one-size-fits-all blog. In fact, some believe that this is the funniest blog currently on the Internet. A social media following of an impressive 65,000 fans is further evidence of their success.

17. The Travel Hack

Are you looking for great life hacks to beat high-priced travel? If so, The Travel Hack will not let you down. This site is currently one of the ten most popular travel blogs in the United Kingdom. Monica provides down-to-earth advice such as how to stretch your funds, how to travel light and how to make the most out of each experience.

18. The HoliDaze Blog

Derek Freal seems to get himself into the most bizarre of situations during his travels. Putting it all out there, he has already attracted a massive fan base. Some strange experiences include finding himself in an Indonesian prison and drinking pints with Japanese rappers. Those looking for a decidedly crazy twist on normal travel experiences will love The HoliDaze Blog.

19. The Battered Suitcase

Brenda combines photography with imaginatively stimulating pieces; weaving together her numerous experiences for the reader. Like many other successful blogs, The Battered Suitcase is descriptively rich and personal. She also focuses upon why she visits certain locations as opposed to their beauty alone.

20. Becoming Filipino

The title of this blog says it all. Kyle Jennermann has immersed himself within the Philippines and he currently is loved by more than 270,000 Facebook fans. Readers can follow his successes (and misadventures) as he attempts to assimilate into the Filipino culture. Above all, it is interesting to see his love for the region and the relationships he has built with others. We should only expect more from this young man as he continues to experience what the Philippines has in store.

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