Fun Car Games to Spice Up Your Roadtrip!

Travelling is lots of fun. In fact, road trips can be one of the best ways to see a country. However on long journeys everyone (especially young children and teenagers) is likely to get restless after hours of sitting in a car. So what better way to pass the time and bring the family closer together than playing car games. There are thousands of simple games out there which are easy to play, cost nothing and everyone in the car can join in. If you’re struggling to come up with some yourself, here we have put together a few ideas for you to try out next time you are on a long car journey.

The Alphabet game:

Everyone knows and remembers the Alphabet Game, how could they not. Simple, fun and educational. The best way to describe how to play this game is through an example. So firstly you must select a category. This can be anything but should be as broad as possible as you will see why. So let’s say the category we selected was animals. The aim of the game is to go through the alphabet from A to Z naming animals which begin with the letter of the Alphabet we are on. So we would start on letter A, each participant must name a different animal beginning with A. (No participants is allowed to name an animal already said by another participant). Once everyone participating has selected an animal beginning with A you move on to B. Everyone must select an animal beginning with B and then move on to C, until you get to Z. If you want to make this game competitive each member may be given a time limit in which they must say an animal beginning with the letter you are on. If they fail to do this, then they are out and you continue until there is a winner.

Spot the colour of the car:

This game is simple and works better when you are on a quieter road with a steady stream of cars, rather than a main motorway. To play this game every participant must select a common colour of car e.g. red, blue, black etc. Every time a car drives past, the participant whose colour matches the cars gains a point. The first person to get to 20, 50, 100 (depending on how long you want to play the game) wins. For this game to be most effective, someone who is not driving should keep a tally of the scores on paper or a computer device.

The believable story:

For the next one to be played, one passenger has to fall asleep. You can then choose to wake them up or wait until they wake up (which makes the game work better!). The other people in the car have to make up a story to tell the sleeping person once they are awake. You take turns adding to the story and make it as believable as possible. In case someone says something off-topic you can get them back on track by asking them “Are you sure?” and they lose a point. You get points for every part of your story the other person believes and you lose one if you get something wrong or break out of character. To make it harder, instead of deciding on the story beforehand you can start improvising when the sleeping person wakes up. One starts the story and the others add from there.

Word association:

This is a very popular game which is easy to play and can be highly competitive if you want it to be. The aim of this is simple. Say you have participant X, Y and Z playing. Participant X must start by shouting out a word; it could be anything. Participant Y’s go is next; he must name something which is associated with the word participant X has just said. Participant Z must then name a word associated with participant Y’s word, then participant X would have to name something associated with participant Z’s word etc. It keeps going round and round until someone messes up. They mess up because each participant gets 5 seconds to think of something. If they can’t think of anything within that time, then they are out. If they say a word which has already been said they are out and, lastly, if they say the same word as the one just said by the person before them, then they are out. So for example, someone would start by saying water, the next person may say ‘the ocean’, the next person may say ‘fish’, the next person may say ‘chips’ etc.

Animal noise game:

The last game is suitable for younger kids as well and can be really funny.
One of the passengers starts by making an animal noise and the others have to guess what animal it is. As the game progresses, it gets harder and harder as you start running out of animals and you are forced to be creative. The one who guesses the most wins.

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