Car Hire Excess Insurance Without The Excess…

We are passionate about fair, useful and honest insurance. Our car hire excess product is built off the back of two things we noticed about the car hire excess insurance market:

1. The huge daily cost of taking car hire excess from the rental desk

Aggressive sales tactics used at car rental desks when you collect your hire car are taking advantage of honest people when they have no other options. The cost of buying excess insurance at the rental desk can sometimes be more than the cost of actually renting the car and in some cases won’t even cover you for things like the windscreen, towing charges or lost keys. This isn’t right and we thought we’d do something about it

2. The unnecessary additions (and cost) to the policies of some of our competitors

A lot of our direct competitors in the advance purchase car hire excess insurance market are also adding unnecessary and poorly highlighted additions to your excess insurance policies. Things such as personal accident and stolen luggage, which are included in your travel insurance, or additional driver charges.

We were determined to put this right and so we have created a useful, lean and easy to understand car hire excess insurance policy. It is designed around real-life and common situations we, and our customers, have encountered when hiring a car. Our policy offers you everything you need whilst removing the unnecessary add-ons our competitors include to make an extra buck off you.

We’re confident our policy is clear and comprehensive, but we love to hear from our customers on how we can make it even better. So if you think there is something missing or  something in our policy is not necessary, please contact us to let us know. Your feedback will go towards making our product even more useful and cheaper than anyone else.

Insure and drive with us.